Getting Your Tax id number in Florida

How To Get a Tax Id Number in Florida

A Tax id number has many uses  by IRS, and other government agencies, as a way to verify  your specific business, Trust or Non-Profit. A Tax id number or tax identification number is a nine digit number that appears like this: 12-4569035. The reason the is number is so important when  you establish your business, you will need to use this number to establish a banking relationship at one of your local financial institutions as well as pay taxes to the United states government.

How to Get a Federal Tax Identification for a New Business in Florida

Getting a tax id number is a very simple process, but can be very confusing for someone, who has never done this before. The first step you would need to take is answering a few common questions that will be asked of you by the IRS.

We make this process much simpler for you, our business tax id filing experts will collect information for you, to help save you time when getting an EIN for your new business in Florida.

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Do I Need to file for a Tax Identification Number in Florida?

Many people often question if it would be necessary to apply for a tax identification number in the state of Florida since they are operating under a Sole Proprietorship which only requires the operator of the business to use his or her social security number. Even though this is true using your social security number is never recommended for the simple fact that you will be giving this number to many people and fraud can often happen by this.

Get a Federal Tax Identification for a New Business in Florida

We offer our assistance with helping new business owners establish a tax id number in the state of Florida, by simply completing are online ss-4 application form and allowing us to submit all the documents to the IRS on your behalf.

By Phone

You may call the IRS and apply for an Employer identification number  by calling: Toll Free  (800) 829-4933. This service is available between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. This is the fastest way to obtain a tax id number . International applicants may call: (267) 941-1099, this is not a toll-free number.

Additional Assistance with Establishing a New Business in Florida