Applying For a Tax Identification Number (Ein) California

How to apply for a tax identification number in California

Before Opening a Successful Business in California ,the first steps to starting a business is obtaining an employer identification number. This is commonly referred to as an EIN. This number is needed to pay taxes under the company name to the IRS. Obtaining an EIN is not a difficult process, but it can take a lot of time. The IRS is notorious for having long lines and limited business hours. The forms are often difficult to comprehend, making applying for an EIN even trickier. If you want to apply for a federal ID in California, you should do so online at an independent provider. is always open for tax identification number applications.

By applying online at, you will save both time and money. Our site is always open, so you can fill out the forms at your convenience. We also made the forms easier to understand. There is no guesswork as to how to fill out a form. When you apply for a federal ID in California online, you can get customer support if needed. Simply choose to email or call a representative. All applications are reviewed within one business day, with many being approved the same day. However, if you need your application to be rushed, we will do so without charging extra. Having an EIN is the first step to starting your business venture in the state

California tax id number

Getting a Federal Tax Id in California

An employer tax identification number, commonly called EIN, is the business equivalent of an individual's Social Security number. It is used on tax and other state and federal documents to identify a business. The EINs required for state tax purposes by the California Franchise Tax Board are those issued by the federal Internal Revenue Service. Like a Social Security number, an employer identification number is considered confidential by the business and only provided on a need-to-know basis.

  1. Research the Tax identification number (EIN) on any tax return filed by the company, if you work for the company or have access to the returns. Find a company's California employer account number on any California employment tax filing.
  2. Reach out to the the company directly to get your IRS tax identification number if you do not work for the company but have a legitimate reason to receive  the number. Send a letter requesting completion of an IRS Form W-9, and enclose the form. The W-9 form provides the employer's name and tax identification number. You can obtain the form from the IRS or online legal services providers.

Other Ways To Apply For Your Business EIN

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After you get you IRS tax id number you are now one step closer to starting your business and getting your way to financial independence, you will now be able to go down to your local financial center and open up a business checking account and start focusing on whats really important, if you are planing on being a wholesaler or needing to know about any licensing or permits you will need to obtain please visit