How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) in Maine

Obtaining a Tax ID Number (EIN) in Maine

If you are a new business owner looking to establish a new business in the state of Maine or have another taxable entity one of the first things you will want to do is obtain your Tax ID in Maine. It’s important to understand that this process can very confusing and stressful, if this is something you have never done. Our tax id filing experts make this process hassle free with our simple ein application form online. There are many different ways you can acquire your in Maine and our professionals make the process so much easier.

What Are Some Reasons I Would Need a Tax ID Number ?

When establishing a  new business in Maine, serving as the administrator or executor of an estate, creator of a Trust or operating a Non Profit Organization getting a Tax ID (EIN) will more than likely be a requirement. A Tax ID also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique nine digit number that identifies your business or entity with the IRS for tax purposes, essentially like a Social Security Number for your business. A Tax ID (EIN) is used for opening a business bank account, filing business tax returns and in many cases is required when applying for business licenses. In most cases it is helpful to apply for a Tax ID (EIN) as soon as your start planning a business to ensure that there are no delays in obtaining the correct licenses, financing and opening a business bank account that would be needed to operate.

Do I Need Anything, When I Apply?

Before applying for your Tax ID (EIN) you may want to consider a few things before starting the application including:

  • What type of business are you opening
  • What services you will be supplying
  • How many employees will I have (if any)
  • Business Name
  • Contact Information


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