SS-4 Form Online Tax Id Application – Get Your Business Tax id

File For Your SS-4 Application Online

Completing your Ss-4 application is a simple process to obtain your tax Id number. Your Tax id number is a very important first step that you would need to take, in order to start establishing your business the right way in the United States. The IRS issue these unique numbers to all business owners , in order to keep up with business expenses, income and other tax reporting. The tax identification or employer identification number is known by many names, but the purpose is all the same.

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Filing SS-4 Application Instructions:


The legal name of the entity should be put on this part of the document. This is the name of the individual or company for whom an EIN has also been requested.

Here you will put the trade name of your venture. You have to use the full legal name of your entity. You should use the same name as you have used on line 1.

If you have a trust, you should use the name of any trustee. If you have an estate, the name of the fiduciary, administrator, or executor will be fine.

In this section, you will enter the mailing address for your ss-4 application  corresponds to the correspondence. You should avoid any abbreviation of the country name. Put the post code, state, and city of the entity if it is placed outside America.

write on the ss-4 the physical address of an entity only if this address is different from the one that you use in line 4.

* will put the state and county where the headquarter is located. You have to enter the primary physical placement of the business.

* will put the name of the important, responsible party. You have to enter the full name here right away. if the company has registered with the SEC, the responsible party will be the principal officer.

* will write information about the LLC or limited liability company. An LLC might not be an entity truly separated from its owner.

* will put the type of entity. So the type of entity might be a sole proprietor, corporation, personal service corporation, nonprofit organization, local government, state government, the federal government, military, or other entity.

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* will write the reasons why you are applying. You might say that you want to start a new venture, hire employees, open a savings account, and so on.

This is the place where you will write the date when your venture started. For instance, enter the starting date of a venture if you are starting it right now.

Here you will write the closing month of your accounting year. So you will be writing down the last month of your tax or accounting year right away.

Here you will write the highest number of employees that you expect to hire in the next year. You have to complete each one of the boxes by entering the right number.

Here you will write if you want to file the famous Form 944 annually instead of the important Form 941 quarterly. You can do this if you expect that your employment tax liability to be just $1,000 or even less.

Here you will write down the dates when annuities or wages were truly paid. If you have employees, you have to enter the first date when your business started to pay wages.

You have to check the box that best describes your venture`s main economic activity. You will find many boxes here including real estate, leasing, rental, and so on.

You will use this line to explain the principal economic activity of your business with more details.

You check the box if you already had an EIN in the past. There is a section dedicated to a third party designee. You will use this box to authorize any individual to receive the EIN of a particular entity. There is also a section dedicated to a signature. Here you will sign the document.
Now that you know how to fill out this form properly, you just have to take old action. Filling out this short form is not hard, and you just have to follow these steps so you can get what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you that filling out this form is hard because it is not hard at all. So take action and make things happen here. So do the job right now.