Getting Your Business Ein Application

Applying For an Ein 

Purchasing a fast tax id number

Getting a EIN from the IRS can be both exciting and challenging, for the most part starting your new business might have you really excited to be able to finally cut the rope of corporate America and start on your own path to becoming your own boss. QuickEin is here to guide you through this confusing process by working with our customer and the IRS to complete all the necessary documentation to obtain your EIN.

What is a EIN

A Ein is short for employer identification number and has many names (FEIN,Tax Id,Etc) but the truth is they all mean the same thing and have the same function. A Ein is primarily used by the IRS (Internal Revenue Services) for tax reporting purposes, that means at the end of every year you are to report your net profits or losses to the IRS so it can be determined if you are owed a tax return at your business establishment or if you will be paying the IRS.

The Benefits of Having a Ein

Having a EIn is great, because you will legally be able to conduct business in the United States and grow your brand, you can also take advantage of all the perks that come with having a business, such as opening a checking account in your business name,being viewed by other business with a higher level of respect & best of all you will be working for yourself and not having to worry about the every day 9-5.


Business Types:

sole proprietorship-

 The sole proprietorship is the most common business structure it is often used when a individual is only working for himself and has no employees.

LLC-The Limited Liability company

is the business structure that limits financial responsibility of the owners if the business were to ever be sued or file for bankruptcy, the business owners personal wealth and assets would be safe.


A better option for business owners that are going in as a joint venture and both have some type of stake in the company.


Is a more complex business structure that is usually created when the company is starting to grow on a larger scale and has multiple employees on payroll and the owner is making a stronger separation from themselves and the business.

Non Profit-

A non-taxed entity that primary function at times is only funded by donations and sponsorship’s, non profits are for entities that are not doing business for financial gains. These places are often times considered places like; church’s,schools,credit unions & Booster clubs.

How do I Apply for an Ein?

Applying for a Ein is simple all you have to do is fill our our specialized IRS Ein application form and we will take care of the rest. We work with the IRS so you are not on hold for 2 hours trying to get connected with a representative or filling out some complicated form that you don’t understand. QuickEin makes the process very simple when you are getting your business Ein, and the best part is we guarantee your tax id is delivered in less than 24 hours or it’s free!

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