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What is an EINIRS ein

An EIN or better known as Employer Identification Number is commonly referred to by many people as the social security number your business. The importance of having a employer identification number is critical for the development of your business by allowing you to not only esObtain Your Einestablish tax records for maintaining your businesses expenses and paying your taxes to the IRS. The ein also ensures that you can separate your personal expenses from that of the business and vice versa. Applying  for ein is now easier than ever!


What Are Some of The Benefits of Having a Employer Identification Number ?

Having a EIN can benefit you business in many ways, not only do you now have the freedom to start in the process of branding your new business and focusing on developing how your business will be growing, you will now be able to setup a bank account at your local financial institution or credit union so you can now start to accept payments and deposit from your clients in a more professional manner. Another huge benefit of having your employer identification number (EIN) established is you can also focus on building credit for your business which will then help you with managing cash flow and keeping reducing risk for your new business.

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What is the Difference Between an Employer Identification Number & Tax Identifcation Number ?

There is no true difference between a EIN number and a tax id number most people become confused when people are referring to them by one of their many other names. We have compiled a list to assist with being able to identify some of the more common names.


What are the Different Types of Business Structures?

The IRS recognizes many different business structures, and as a new business owner you will need to not only understand the different types of businesses, you will also need to identify which is best for you when applying for ein.

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There are over five ways to go about applying for Ein  and really based upon your comfort level, each way is a excellent way to go about obtaining your IRS tax id number.

  1.  Mail– Believe it or not you can actually compete a tax documentation form called the SS-4 application for and mail it into the  

     Internal Revenue Servic

    Attn: EIN International Operation

    Cincinnati, OH 45999

Be mindful this process can take up to several weeks for the IRS to provide you with your  Employer  Identification number (EIN)

2. Fax– You can also send your EIN application/ SS-4 form to the Internal Revenue Services  via fax               this process is much faster than mail because the IRS will receive the document much faster giving           you a quicker turnaround time for you Employer id to be delivered.

Fax: (855) 215-1627 (within the U.S.)
Fax: (304) 707-9471 (outside the U.S.)

3. Phone – Ordering Your Ein on the Phone is also a very efficient way to not only  obtain your ein, you can also call the IRS directly were you will be able to speak with an IRS agent who can walk you through the process of completing you SS-4 Application form and sending it in to be processed.

(Hold times can be in some cases greater than 30 minutes

IRS Contact#  267-941-1099

4. Applying for Ein Online– Possibly the best way of completing this process is by simply ordering you Employer identification number  is by completing a fast 30 minute application form and getting your tax number in days and not weeks

5. Lawyer– You can also request your tax identification number through a local law firm or a lawyer, this process is also very simple because the attorney will be taking care of the process for you, but in most cases you can be charged anywhere from 200-500$ to have this done.

6. 3rd party– Using a 3rd party expert is also very effective because not only are you able to have an expert take care of the process of ordering  completing your EIN application for processing, they are a fraction of the cost of dealing with any lawyer and in most cases you don’t have to deal with the IRS at all and your Employer identification is delivered in most cases in hours.


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